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Currently in Season

June is our main seeding and transplanting season, and we've been diligently caring for our new crops. We already have leafy greens, asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, green onions, radishes, and other spring vegetables for sale in our farmstand. Both our fields and high tunnels are in production, and we're aiming for 4th of July tomatoes! Due to a wet spring we will not be doing U-Pick strawberries this year, but you can buy them in our farmstand. Thank you for your understanding.


Photography by Lorie Piel

March and April are months of replacing high tunnel poly covers, repairs from winter storms, as well as preparing the soil for planting. We shallow till the soil and add amendments such as mushroom compost, nitrogen, sulfur (to reduce soil alkalinity), and others based on soil tests. We also prepare the high tunnels for planting which starts early April with tomatoes. Early April also includes planting potatoes, carrots, and beets--the latter two in raised beds with sterilized soil so we don't have to use herbicides, as the weed seeds have already been eliminated. We find that sterilized soil gets slow germinating seeds like carrots off to a good start with virtually no weeding. The middle of April sees the planting of about 9,000 onion and leek transplants.

Farmhouse Flowers

Photography by Elise Trattner

Fresh, seasonal flowers are sold at the farm stand and are also available for special order. Whether wedding, bridal shower, corporate event, or a "just because" bouquet, we combine our home-grown greens, colors, and blooms to create lovely and natural designs. Our team designs everything from prom nosegays and corsages to centerpieces and custom bridal crowns. We're also excited to offer on-site "flower parties"! Bring your group to the farm for a hands-on arranging experience--perfect for birthdays, bridal parties, and more! To discuss pricing, delivery, setup, and your vision, please contact us!

You can reach our flower specialists directly at Farmhouseflowers.org.